Are the banks trying to pull the Credit Default Swap scam again?

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by Calithrix

So I was looking at some MBS market data, I chose stupid bonds for my final econ paper topic so I’ve been trying to find data on certain MBS that isn’t available or doesn’t exist. I went to IHS Markit’s website and tried too find their lame ABX index because it has some variables I need to plug into some formulas. I called them and got a quick answer saying that she’ll direct me to a team that can send me the information. I don’t know why they can’t just show me their useless data. The page where it is supposed to be has a message published on March 16th stating “Important information about index publication delays and index rebalancing”.

Could they be covering up a shitty subprime MBS market? I mean, with all this coronavirus shit people are losing jobs and have an external reason as to why they can’t pay their mortgages. If they are, then the big boys might be buying more CDS to gamble. ISDA noted some pretty big jumps in the number of CDS from 4 trillion to 5.8 trillion in less than 2 years.

So the question is, will there be anyone who takes a big hit from this and how do we short them?



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