Are the Globalist billionaires taking over New Zealand as their bunker when the sh*t is hitting the fan?

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Oh Look, Another Billionaire Is Getting Residency in New Zealand in Case of Societal Collapse

Google co-founder Larry Page secretly became a resident. He’s not the first tech tycoon to do so. As Gizmodo explains, Page joins controversial entrepreneur Peter Thiel in having New Zealand as an escape plan. The outlet also cites a New Yorker story from 2017 about the ultra-wealthy preparing for doomsday..

Last week, we came across a new study that said, should we experience global societal collapse, New Zealand is the best place to ride it out.

Is even entertaining the idea a bit sensational? A bit paranoid? Possibly. But then why was it just confirmed that Google co-founder Larry Page, reportedly the sixth wealthiest person in the world, secretly became a resident of New Zealand?

That’s according to the Associated Press, who note the billionaire’s residency is “stoking debate over whether extremely wealthy people can essentially buy access to the South Pacific country.” While Page reportedly applied for residency in November 2020, his application was approved relatively quickly once he actually entered the country in January.

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