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Deluded Chuck Todd: Media Bias a ‘Campaign Creation’ ‘Not Based’ in ‘Fact.’

Don’t talk to Chuck Todd about the liberal media. The Meet The Press host on Sunday snapped at David Brody, telling the CBN political analyst that dislike of a partisan press is simply a “campaign creation” of the late Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Todd huffed that it was “not based in much fact.”

Related: “If I worked for a network that employed Brian Williams and Al Sharpton I’d approach this issue with a lot more humility.”

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The pose of objectivity was a necessary one in an era of three television networks, a handful of wire services, and a couple of newspapers in all but the biggest cities, but that media world hasn’t existed since the late 1970s. And yet anchors continue to play Mad Men-era sophistry with their viewers. Just think of the media as Democratic operatives with lavaliers, and it all makes sense.

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