Argentina declassify files on possible sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft for first time in history.

The Government declassified documents on the UFO sighting in Bariloche.

At the request of a civil organization dedicated to the study of these phenomena, the Ministry of Defense published all the available data on an event that occurred in 1995.

Following a formal request from the Commission for the Study of the UFO Phenomenon of the Argentine Republic (CEFORA) , the Government agreed for the first time in history to declassify files on possible sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft and made public the available data on the so-called “Bariloche Case ”, Occurred in 1995.

In this way, all the investigation of this fact, including the conversations between the Control Tower and the pilots of the two flights that would have had contact with the unidentified object, is available under the file 2020-60053899-APN-DNAIP # AAIP , dated September 9, 2020.

These are the first documents that CEFORA can access, a civil organization that “has been developing an intense campaign to request Access to Public Information for society, through Law 27,275, which empowers citizens to request information of interest to any State body ”.

The sighting occurred on July 31, 1995 and its protagonists are Captain Jorge Polanco, of Aerolineas Argentinas; Commanders Rubén Cipuzak and Juan Domingo Gaitán, from the National Gendarmerie; and the Chief of the Bariloche Airport, Warrant Officer Daniel García .

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