Arizona cops are sued for REFUSING to return $40,000 in cash seized from black trucking boss who was traveling to buy a new rig, after they accused him of being a drug dealer with no evidence

by Boo_Randy

As Murica goes full banana republic, “civil forfeiture” – legalized larceny from unaccountable law enforcement agencies – is only going to get more predatory as local municpalities turn to shady means to extract wealth from motorists and residents.

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North Carolina trucker has waged legal war against the entire police department of Phoenix, Arizona – after officers seized $39,500 in cash from him at a local airport alleging it was drug money.

The suit, filed in April by Triple J Trucking owner Jerry Johnson, demands the sum returned in full for what he slammed as ‘false accusations’ by the force, who seized the money during an August 2020 stop at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.


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