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Rising Home Prices Push Borrowers Deeper Into Debt

Wall Street JournalApr 10, 2018

Economists warn that lenders must tread carefully in making credit more available, given the role easy mortgages played in creating the last housing bubble. The share of new buyers with debt-to-income levels in the 46% to 50% range remains well below the peak of just under 37% registered in 2007, but is nearing the …

Puerto Rico’s warring creditors duel over sales tax revenue

Reuters17 hours ago

The dispute is central to sorting out Puerto Rico’s $71.5 billion in debt, about half of which is owed to GO and COFINA bondholders. Each side is owed about $18 billion and claims an ironclad right to the sales tax revenue. The outcome will determine which group recovers more of its investment, and which side will have a …

Amid Venezuela default, Goldman receives ‘hunger bond’ payment …

Reuters17 hours ago
CARACAS (Reuters) – Despite being in default on most of its debt, Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA has made a $90 million interest payment on a bond largely purchased by Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) last year in an operation that generated backlash in the crisis-stricken nation, finance industry sources said on …

Retail defaults soar to record high in 2018

KYMA20 hours ago
Moody’s said in a report on Tuesday that retail sector defaults hit a record high during the first three months of 2018 as the rise of e-commerce and decline of malls continues to eat away at profits. Struggling Sears and bankrupt Claire’s are among the nine retailers that defaulted on their debt during the first quarter despite …

California bill would create health care price controls

Santa Rosa Press Democrat22 hours ago
SACRAMENTO — California’s government would set prices for hospital stays, doctor visits and other health care services under legislation introduced Monday, vastly remaking the industry in a bid to lower health care costs. The proposal, which drew swift opposition from the health care industry, comes amid a fierce debate …

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