As violence increases in demorat-run Philadelphia, leaders want residents to turn in their guns

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by DCG

I’m sure the criminals will get right on that request…

Shocker, not: We’ve got another demorat-run city that is experiencing an increase in crime. CBS Philly reports that 259 people have been murdered so far this year, a 31% increase from this time last year.

The city council held an emergency meeting last week to come up with solutions. Here’s one of them:

Do these fools really believe that criminals are going to comply with this request?

The city’s Soros-backed district attorney, Larry Krasner, has been lenient with criminals and is a proponent of bail reformAt least he was until last week but now he’s apparently had a change of heart. From the CBS Philly story:

“Krasner was the first to address the City Council’s Special Committee on Gun Violence and even got emotional during the hearing when talking about 7-year-old Zamar Jones, who was killed during gun crossfire in West Philadelphia.

Krasner says his office is pushing for higher bail on those linked to gun crimes. “What my office is seeing is that bails are too low and often too low on cases that involve shootings, on cases involving felons in possession of firearms,” he said.”

Seven-year-old Zamar Jones was shot in the head while playing on his front porch. He later died.

Too little, too late for Zamar Jones, Mr. Krasner.

When are democrat voters going to realize the obvious?



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