Atkinson: I’ve never seen journalists so uninterested in spying.

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Feb. 06, 2018 – 2:28 – Journalist Sharyl Attkisson says there’s been a pattern of surveillance abuse within the intel community for at least a decade and American communication companies are part of it. #Tucker
Well, to be fair, any journalist who dared to do actual journalism and ask questions that might have made King 0bama look bad would have been subjected to spying, IRS targeting, or worse. 0bama still has that “database” of “everything on everyone” at his disposal. Maybe that explains some of their hesitation. One must never speak ill of the King.
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1 thought on “Atkinson: I’ve never seen journalists so uninterested in spying.

  1. Did we forget about Operation Mockingbird? Are we so naive we think this hasn’t been going on over the past 3 decades? Movies, TV shows, and mainstream news all seem to require the CIA sprinkle holy water on their shows. There used to be something called the truth.

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