Attacked for filming in a NO GO ZONE. Time to start a #NoGoBitCoinBounty for anyone who films in No Go Zones

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I was in Rome this week reporting on the Italian elections. While I was there I saw a video of a journalist being attacked by North African migrants live on air. I was shocked to see how blatantly these migrants would attack a mainstream media crew right outside Rome’s major train station – so I decided to go and see the area for myself.
Many of the migrants were drinking, fighting and causing problems for commuters and tourists. Within minutes they noticed the camera and went straight for my cameraman. We kept the camera rolling as I was forced to intervene to protect my crew and locals who had stopped to watch what was going on.
In the end the police arrived and detained the leader of the group and we were able to leave safely. I was genuinely shocked to see the state of central Rome and just how little respect these migrants have for the people living there.


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