Attorney Michael Avenatti Has A New Client – The Third Accuser Of Brett Kavanaugh – A Legal Analysis.

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by Ruby Henley

Attorney Michael Avenatti has become a very powerful but controversial personality in this Country.  Of course, he became famous as the lawyer of porn star, Stormy Daniels. I don’t think there is any need to rehash her story, as we all know about it.  This article is about Michael Avenatti and new information he is bringing forward to the public allegedly connected to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Later in this article, I will present an analysis of this information from –

Avenatti is using his Twitter account to allow others to see this information, and it is powerful.  I pray for the Kavanaugh family during this time of turmoil. I, also, pray for all the women in this world, who have endured sexual assault.

Avenatti’s new client Julie Swetnick, has well established credentials. She worked for the U.S. Mint, State Department and Justice Department. She is the latest woman — the third — to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misbehavior.

Her words recorded allegedly about Brett Kavanaugh are shocking to the emotional system of any woman.  An immediate reaction is horror, and a monster suddenly appears in your mind. Avenatti posted a statement signed by her expressing her thoughts and what she said she could testify to under oath..

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The following  screenshot is an update of the affidavit from ‘The Daily Caller.’


Now, I want to move on to an analysis of what is in the affidavit, how it was phrased, and what was left out.  If you are serious about the law, the following website is the place to go.

What Swetnick does not say is as important as what she says.  This will continue after the affidavit below.

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What does she not say that she has to say to legitimize her affidavit?

  1. She does not say how she knows about Kavanaugh and Judge allegedly spiking the punch.
  2. She does not say that Kavanaugh was the one who spiked her drink.
  3. She does not say when her alleged rape took place.  She only says it was ‘in approximately 1982,’ the same year that Kavanaugh is alleged to have assaulted CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD.
  4. She does not say that Kavanaugh himself raped her or did anything to her, or did anything to anyone else.
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Swetnick’s allegations can easily be viewed as supporting the allegations made by Ford and Deborah Ramirez, and going against Kavanaugh’s own claims of innocence in his youth. Other statements from people who went to college and law school with Kavanaugh said these allegations do not match the person they know at all.

All things considered, Swetnick’s statement probably won’t sway too many people. Those who already believe the other allegations against Kavanaugh may have their beliefs bolstered by this. Those who doubt Ford and Ramirez will surely notice the holes in Swetnick’s story.

As for those who don’t know what to believe, this latest statement both includes and omits enough details that it probably won’t push anyone firmly into one camp or another. Many questions remain. Kavanaugh will have a chance to answer them Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author. END OF QUOTE

Published on Sep 26, 2018

The Senate Judiciary Committee is reviewing new accusations of inappropriate behavior in high school against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh from a third woman, Julie Swetnick, who is represented by attorney Michael Avenatti.

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