Attorneys In DNC Fraud Lawsuit Seek Court’s Protection, Cite Seth Rich – Seth Rich Parent’s Rumored To Have Laptop – Brad Bauman Taped Phone Interview.

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by Pamela Williams
The below is a very interesting update on Seth Rich’s murder.  First we have the attorneys in the DNC fraud lawsuit to seek court’s protection, citing Seth Rich murder.  We also have a taped interview with DNC family spokeman, Brad Bauman.  He sounds very hateful, but he does reveal new information.

JARED BECK files DNC Lawsuit regarding the rigging of the election and is asking for a protection order for plaintiffs, counsel & witness . Supporting this motion is the untimely death of Shawn Lucas (Process server for DNC) Seth Rich, who may have been a potential witness, also Beranton Whisenant Jr. a federal prosecutor found dead in Florida.…
JARED BECK – Attorney
JOE CAPONE, the owner of Lou’s City Bar says he was there the night of the murder & offered Seth a ride home. He now says that he was on vacation and someone else was there. However, that conflicts his entire statement. The security cameras were never reviewed and in fact “may have been recorded over”…
JOE CAPONE on Crime Watch Daily
Also we have a recent interview with BRAD BAUMAN by NEIL WOLFE of The Light Reports.…
Thank you to elevenplanetseven for making the audio much easier to hear. You can find that link here:…
Bauman refers all inquiries to the DC Police department as well as calling any hospital that may have treated Seth. Bauman says that the Rich family is in possession of the laptop and that the FBI has NEVER been involved in the case. Never. NOTE: Baumen says he is working PRO-BONO (for free) to represent the family. Even though there were conflicting reports that came out saying the family was confused as to why Baumen was representing them in the first place.
DR. JACK SAVA was the attending physician at Medstar where Steve Scalise (the Republican representative who was shot by a man while practicing baseball) was being treated. Dr. Jack Sava has never spoken about Seth Rich, yet we keep getting directed to the hospital to ask them.…
Seth Rich speaking about ballot integrity question…
The attorneys in the DNC lawsuit have received threats, and they are asking for protection from the courts due to the suspicious deaths of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, and Beranton Whisenant.  They believe Seth Rich was to be a witness.
Beck, the attorney, said in the video:  “After much consideration and deliberation, we have concluded that it is time to bring these concerns to the court’s attention. Today we filed a motion asking judge William Zloch to provide protection of the plaintiffs, their counsel and their families, as well as all of the witnesses in the DNC Fraud lawsuit. In support of this motion, we have cited the following events: the untimely death of our process server Shawn Lucas, the unsolved murder of DNC employee Seth Rich.”
There has been another death involved in this case, and his name is Beranton Whisenant in South Florida.  Federal Prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami, Beranton J. Whisenant Jr., was found dead on May 25th last week. A report by the Miami Herald indicated that Whisenant had suffered a possible gunshot wound to the head. Whisenant’s body was found on the waterfront of Hollywood Beach, Florida. Police are currently investigating the death as a crime. No arrests have been made at this time, and it is not clear where Whisenant died.
Some media reports claimed that Whisenant worked on cases of voter fraud, but there has been no evidence to corroborate these claims so far. Disobedient Media submitted a request for information about cases that Whisenant had been working on at the time of his death to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami, but it was refused.
Whisenant’s body was found in Broward County, Florida, a part of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s 23rd District. Schultz has been the center of numerous DNC related controversies, most recently when she was reported to have threatened the Chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with “consequences” over the return of a laptop which was seized in the ongoing investigation. Wasserman Schultz has also also been a central figure in the DNC Lawsuit, after leaked DNC emails revealed her unapologetic role in aiding Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders.
Today’s announcement comes after the Becks had reported receiving a voice-modulated phone ominous phone call whose caller ID number matched that of former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Aventura office. Disobedient Media reported on this event in addition to further anonymous calls made to the Beck’s pro-counsel Cullin O’brien.
Disobedient Media also noted questions raised by the suit in relation to the death of process server Shawn Lucas, who would have served as a federal witness for the Becks in the litigation process, as well as that of Seth Rich. Many believe that Rich is the individual who passed the DNC Leaks to Wikilkeaks before he was murdered in July last year.
Jared Beck described what he termed “threats” that the attorneys, plaintiffs and their employees had received, before mentioning an offer of protection that had been recently extended by the right-wing group The Oathkeepers.
The Harvard and Yale-educated attorneys litigating the class-action suit’s decision that it is necessary to seek legal protection from the courts is highly significant not only in the current suit but also in regards to the unusual deaths cited by the Becks in their motion. These deaths include that of former DNC staffer Seth Rich. If the court grants their motion, it could characterize the Democratic party establishment leaders as akin to mafia bosses rather than the heads of a political party.

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