Investigation: How Could The Capitol Hill “Intelligence Gang Of Eight” Let Members Of A Pakistani Spy Ring Work On Capitol Hill For Three Years, Stealing Intelligence, And Endangering Our Special Forces In The Field.

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by Pamela Williams
The House Intelligence Committee is the foremost oversight network with responsibility over the most sensitive and secretive government intelligence, including covert anti-terrorism activity.  The Majority Chairman (Nunes) and Minority Chair (Schiff) sit on the CIA oversight team known as the “Intelligence Gang of Eight“:

2017 Congressional Intelligence Oversight “Gang of Eight”
I am sure most of you are familiar with the above Intelligence Gang Of Eight.  They are responsible for the security oversight for the United States as the they are the House Intelligence Committee.  You will recognize them from their work investigating imaginary issues surrounding President Trump.  While they were busy doing investigations such as those surrounding President Trump, they turned a blind eye to three Pakistani Nationalists working in the Capitol Hill IT Department.  These three Muslims had access to computers containing the most important United States intelligence.  
You may have heard of the these three spies as Abid Awan, Imran Awan and Jamal Awan, three brothers who worked within the IT department for members of the House Permanent Intelligence Committee.    They were first hired by the DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  There is so much information in this story I cannot possibly cover it all.
However, I believe the following video of Representative (R-Texas) Louie Gohmert speaking to Congress on this situation is obviously a legitimate piece of evidence on the Awan Brothers.
These are the highlights of the video:
Published on Mar 12, 2017
Text (starts bottom-right of first page):
“they have taken what they call the Holy Koran and they have eliminated the verses that support terrorism and the killing of Jews and Christians”
“But for now, [radical Islam is] making so much progress in taking over the United States without using violence that right now violence distracts”
“[Obama admin] believed what the often Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated individuals would say: Yes, if we spend that money teaching people to love and accept Islam, then the problem goes away and there is no more violence. ”
“Homeland Security even had a project spending taxpayer dollars to fight radical Islam by teaching schoolchildren pro-Islamic songs to sing”
“They don’t need a background check. We can trust them. We are open-minded. They are Muslims, but we are not prejudiced. We don’t even require a background check because we know we can trust them” – DNC
“Imran [a #AwanBrother] still hasn’t been fired”
#AwanBrotherhood was running a car dealership full time that didn’t pay its vendors. After one Rao Abbas threatened to sue them, he began receiving a paycheck from another Democratic member of the House of Representatives, also from Florida”
“after a friend in an international setting advised me that this person knew of radical Islamic leaders who sent their wives to the United States to have babies so they can bring them back, teach them to hate America, and they would be American citizens. They could come in and out at will. ”
“I kept hearing from people inside homeland security that we were spending more time and effort training our officers to spot Islamophobes than we were training them to understand radical Islam. But that is exactly why Tsarnaev was never stopped, was never picked up and prevented from killing and maiming people in Boston. ”
“The FBI agents, doing the best that they could, being deprived of Kim Jensen’s 700-plus pages of radical Islam that the Obama administration did not want FBI trainees to see and to know. ”
There are many implications surrounding this penetration by these elite Pakistani spies, who had access to our Nation’s secrets.  I am inclined to believe at this time they may be part of the most elite intelligence agency in the world, the Pakistani ISI.  I had no idea this agency was the most elite in the world.  I will be posting videos to back up what I am reporting.  If you doubt any of this, you must take the time to watch them.  If you did not take the time to watch the above video by Rep. of Texas, Louie Gohmert, you are doing yourself an injustice regarding the truth of the situation we are finding ourselves in here in the United States today.
You must remember under the Obama Administration, these Pakistani Muslims were hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  They have since fled back to Pakistan, but we are being presented by a situation regarding the safety of our troops overseas.  Since the intelligence was leaked by these spies the ISI now knows all the moves our Special Forces are making.  In fact, we have been losing more of our troops as of late in peculiar circumstances.
Of all the foreign powers involved in efforts to sustain and manipulate the ongoing fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s ISI is distinguished both by the sweep of its objectives and the scale of its efforts, which include soliciting funding for the Taliban, bankrolling Taliban operations, providing diplomatic support as the Taliban’s virtual emissaries abroad, arranging training for Taliban fighters, recruiting skilled and unskilled manpower to serve in Taliban armies, planning and directing offensives, providing and facilitating shipments of ammunition and fuel, and … directly providing combat support.
The United States has been using Special Forces more in Afghanistan and Yemen, but we are seeing more and more operations go wrong.  I cannot help but wonder if the Awan Brothers leaked so much US intelligence to the Pakistani ISI that our SF are not as safe as they were before the penetration of these Pakistani spies into our Government.  The following data has been taken from:

The danger was highlighted again this week when three Navy SEALs were wounded in an assault on a militant stronghold in Marib in western Yemen. When a firefight broke out, the U.S. commandos called in airstrikes from an AC-130 gunship.
The raid was aimed at grabbing cellphones, computers and other devices used by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, U.S. officials said. The push for intelligence comes amid concerns that the terrorist group is planning new attacks on Western targets, including commercial aircraft.
The assault was typical for the special operations forces. They work closely with the CIA and other spy services to collect intelligence while they find, capture or kill Islamic State leaders, bomb-makers and operatives in Iraq and Syria, hunt Al Qaeda-linked militants in Somalia and Yemen, and fight an Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan.
The number of raids they conduct is classified. But several are known to have gone terribly wrong.  The Pentagon is still investigating the deaths of two Army Rangers killed in a nighttime assault in eastern Afghanistan in late April. The Pentagon also is investigating a raid that took place in late January, a Navy SEAL was killed on a night mission in Yemen that went awry.  
I cannot help but ask myself if the Awan Brothers are haunting our Special Forces as they perform their “classified” duties overseas.  After the leaking of classified information from Hillary Clinton  and now the robbery of classified materials by the Pakistani Awan Brothers, we have to ask ourselves if our troops are paying the price for the negligence of our government.  
The below video talks about the dangers our Forces are now facing overseas:

Published on Jun 17, 2017
Sleeper Cells among the Afghan Soldiers being trained by the USA Soldiers shoots and wounds 7 US Soldiers near Kandahar
Some of you may be familiar with the Investigative Reporter George Webb, who has been reporting on the Awan Brothers for many months now.  I follow Webb, and I believe he is risking his life to expose what is going on inside of our government.  Here is a brief video that you will probably not be able to understand unless you follow him.  Nevertheless, it is one of his newer videos on the Awan Brothers.  I will brief you more after the video.

The following article is an excellent source of background information about the Awan Brothers:
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.
Last year, eight members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence issued a demand that their staffers be granted access to top secret classified information.
The signatories to the letter were Andre Carson, Luis Guiterez, Jim Himes, Terri Sewell, Jackie Speier, Mike Quigley, Eric Swalwell and Patrick Murphy. All the signatories were Democrats. Some had a history of attempting to undermine national security.
Two of them have been linked to an emerging security breach.
The office of Andre Carson, the second Muslim in Congress, had employed Imran Awan. As did the offices of Jackie Speier and Debbie Wasserman Schultz; to whom the letter had been addressed.
Imran Awan and his two brothers, Jamal and Abid, are at the center of an investigation that deals with, among other things, allegations of illegal access.  They have been barred from the House of Representatives network.
A member of Congress expressed concern that, “they may have stolen data from us.”
All three of the Pakistani brothers had been employed by Democrats. The offices that employed them included HPSCI minority members Speier, Carson and Joaquín Castro. Congressman Castro, who also sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, utilized the services of Jamal Moiz Awan. Speier and Carson’s offices utilized Imran Awan.
Abid A. Awan was employed by Lois Frankel and Ted Lieu: members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Also on the committee is Castro. As is Robin Kelly whose office employed Jamal Awan.  Lieu also sits on the subcommittees on National Security and Information Technology of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
Tammy Duckworth’s office had also employed Abid. Before Duckworth successfully played on the sympathy of voters to become Senator Tammy Duckworth, she had been on the Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces of the Armed Services Committee.
Gwen Graham, who had also been on the Armed Services Committee and on the Tactical Air and Land Forces subcommittee, had employed Jamal Awan. Jamal was also employed by Cedric Richmond’s office. Richmond sits on the Committee on Homeland Security and on its Terrorism and Cybersecurity subcommittee. He is a ranking member of the latter subcommittee. Also employing Jamal was Mark Takano of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.
Imran had worked for the office of John Sarbanes who sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee that oversees, among other things, the nuclear industry. Other members of the Committee employing the brothers included Yvette Clarke, who also sits on the Bipartisan Encryption Working Group, Diana DeGette, Dave Loebsack and Tony Cardenas.
But finally there’s Andre Carson.
Carson is the second Muslim in Congress and the first Muslim on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and, more critically, is the ranking member on its Emerging Threats Subcommittee. He is also a member of the Department of Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture Subcommittee.
The Emerging Threats Subcommittee, of which Carson is a ranking member, is responsible for much of counterterrorism oversight. It is the worst possible place for a man with Carson’s credentials.
Carson had inherited his grandmother’s seat and exploited it to promote a radical Islamist agenda. He has interfaced with a laundry list of Islamist groups from CAIR to ISNA to ICNA to MPAC. Islamists have funded Carson’s career to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. The Center for Security Policy has put together a dossier of Carson’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is the parent organization of many key Islamic terror groups posing a threat to our national security including Al Qaeda and Hamas.
Andre Carson shared the stage at a CAIR banquet with Sirraj Wahaj: an unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing who had once declared,” You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.” CAIR itself had been named an unindicted co-conspirator in terror finance.
Carson had praised Tariq Ramadan who had been barred from this country for funding Islamic terrorists.  And the Muslim politician was a co-sponsor of the Free Syria Act which attempted to aid Islamist Jihadists in Syria linked to the Muslim Brotherhood such as the Free Syrian Army.
The presence of Andre Carson on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Emerging Threats Subcommittee has always been extremely controversial. But this latest breach involving Democrats on this committee and on other key national security committees raises serious questions about the scale and magnitude of the real problem caused by a compromised congress.
While Carson and other HPSCI Democrats had been demanding security clearance for their staffers, three Pakistani Muslims working for them appear to have compromised security to an unknown degree.
Why were the Awan brothers, one of whom had a criminal record, even allowed to work in such a sensitive position? How did the personnel suspected in this case pass background checks? And was any classified information compromised as a result of these alleged breaches?
These questions and more must be asked and answered. But they are only the first of many questions.
When the Democrats are so contemptuous of our national security that they put forward Andre Carson, a politician who has appeared at Islamist events and praised radicals and extremists, to such a sensitive position, it is not surprising that they are equally willing to hire walking security risks.
The most obvious lesson here is that security must be tightened. If Democrats refuse to take their responsibilities seriously, then President Trump must do it for them. Until the Awan case is resolved, those Democrats who employed them must have their access to classified material restricted.
Under no circumstances may the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence members who employed the Awan brothers be permitted to allow their staffers to gain access to classified material.
And Andre Carson must be forced to choose between his Islamist ties and his membership in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Emerging Threats Subcommittee. No one should be allowed to have a foot in both the pro-terrorist and the counter-terrorist spheres of our society.
Congressional Republicans must take the lead in cleaning house. If they cannot do so, President Trump must step in. At stake are the security of our nation and the safety of our troops. The Democrats may have abandoned their responsibility to our brave men and women, from the battlefield to the VA, but those elected officials who still believe that their sacrifices matter cannot remain silent.
The swamp that allowed Andre Carson and the Awan brothers inappropriate access must be drained.
We must remember President Trump inherited this security breach from the Obama Administration and the Democrats.  Please do not forget this.  This situation must be exposed now, and all Americans must realize what we have lost due to the hiring of three Pakistanis to oversee our most sacred intelligence inside Washington DC.
Due to Obama’s love of Muslims, this door was opened.  We were told as Americans we must love Islam, and we must open our arms to illegal immigrants crossing our borders only to be sheltered in sanctuary cities refusing to abide by the laws of the newly elected President Trump.
He has tried to protect our borders, ban illegal immigrants, and pass laws to protect Americans from terrorists.  However, the Democrats have fought him every inch of the way.  They are still doing so, and I pray they do not achieve his impeachment.  That is what they are trying to do as I write this report.
What are we facing here in this Country really?  I think we are facing a civil war between Intelligence factions.  One side is attempting to protect President Trump while the other is pushing to impeach him.  The James Comey horror and the special counsel is nothing but a coup against President Trump…that is the bottom line.  If they actually achieve their goal, the United States is done…we will have no justice system, no cohesiveness, and I dare to say we may have a civil war again in this divided Country.  That is hard to wrap your brain around, isn’t it?  However, it has happened once before, and I believe it will happen again.
In the movie COLD MOUNTAIN, which is my favorite movie by the way, we witness the absolute horror of that Civil War between the North and South.  In the movie, there is a faction of citizens called the “Home Guard,” who are left in the small mountain Southern town of Waynesville, North Carolina near Cold Mountain.  They are assigned with the responsibility of arresting deserters.  In that process they transform from neighbors to brutal dictators, who kill their very own as the chaos of war rages over the land.  This is a war that reminds me of what we are experiencing in the United States now.  We are already facing a faction of those, who are violently protesting the honest election of President Donald Trump.  It is as if they have lost all civility and can no longer understand what this Country represents, or what it used to represent.
Instead, they are allowing our Government to be penetrated by our enemies who seek to destroy us.  One has to assume that is their goal:  to destroy any civility and order we have experienced in this precious land, and they are using violence to achieve this goal.  So, it seems to me, we are already in a type of civil war, but this time it is between two factions that have existed together in peace through respect of the voting process.  How can this be happening in the United States of America?
The below meme expresses very much of what those of us, who still respect the office of the Presidency and the civility of the voting process stand for.  However, we seem to be a dying breed.  God bless America.  Please help us as we fight to save this Country.  Amen.


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15 thoughts on “Investigation: How Could The Capitol Hill “Intelligence Gang Of Eight” Let Members Of A Pakistani Spy Ring Work On Capitol Hill For Three Years, Stealing Intelligence, And Endangering Our Special Forces In The Field.

  1. “They don’t need a background check. We can trust them. We are
    open-minded. They are Muslims, but we are not prejudiced. We don’t even
    require a background check because we know we can trust them” – DNC
    “Yes I know its a Polar Bear, Yes, I know it is White, but I am not prejudiced, and because of the fact that I am not prejudiced
    over his whiteness, I know I can trust him and climb into the enclosure with him and swim safely and freely in his pool”
    (Out of Trust, I don’t even need to check and see if he is hungry or emotionally conflicted – – -)

    • ubon, very good analysis…really shows the total lack of caring in letting those men into our government. Yet, I think they knew exactly what they were doing. I just do not understand why they hate this Country. It has been good to them, and they live in it, too. I cannot…no matter how hard I try wrap my mind around this.

      • Casara, I am writing directly, or personally with the following comment.
        Our lives and perspective are often much different. But that makes
        utterly no difference to me. What you say here is sadly, much “More Correcter” 😉
        than you realize. When I went a little obsessed after a divorce with history and genealogy,
        it led me to entertain very negative opinions about this age that we are in.
        I was left feeling that the destruction that we are witnessing today has been woven into
        the “daily Fabric of Life” over the last 200 years. What you are looking at is not
        incidental or accidental, it is instead a culmination. We have allowed ourselves to be led
        down a path that was developed with a great amount of patience. The evidence is there.
        It is a combination of Spiritual and Secular Greed and desire for Power.
        One patient and steady timeline??? Apparently So.
        First, to understand and change perspective is to take a world view, and not American View.
        This one point leads American Researchers to dismiss the most important leads and
        One Story???
        George Washington recieves a letter from Benjamin Rush warning him of Illuminati Activities.
        He acknowledges that he is aware of the fact and keeping his eyes open.
        (On another occasion, Washington comments about his seeing no difference between
        the Frankists and the Illuminati. This is extremely important, and I only half understand
        the full implications today.) (There are personal implications as well)
        Benjamin Rush, in a letter to his close friend Thomas Jefferson reprimands Jefferson for
        his taking too much stock in the writings of Adam Weishaupt, first head of the Illuminati.
        Jefferson brushes aside the comments like a cat playing with a mouse. (They are not denied)
        Gustav III of Sweden is Assasinated. 1793. Count Folke Bernadotte UN (direct descendant
        of Gustav III is murdered with a car bomb in Jerusalem. I have personally spoken with a
        second cousin of Folke Bernadotte at a New Years Party. Relatives in the Swedish
        Royal Family consider these two murders to be Rothschild / Illuminati hits. That is why this
        Family keeps their mouths shut.
        The French Revolution. A Rotted out branch of the Davidic descent Noble families was
        unceremoniously cut off. Not with a Saw, but with a Guillotine.
        The Attempt on Andrew Jackson’s life failed. The attempt on Lincoln succeeded.
        And this goes on and on and on. And it is all in the weave of the fabric, and it is not
        unrelated. The Genealogy research brings the pieces much more clearly together.
        I am not winning any brownie points for what I write.
        The only disturbing part is that we are reaching a culmination point. Through endless
        credit, morals and discipline have fallen by the wayside. the rotting out of Religion through
        greed and selfishness, and the destruction of the school system so that its Graduates
        could not properly identify an enemy even if he is wearing a suicide vest.
        What I write next must sink in. Americans are trained (I MEAN TRAINED) to only think
        on a very limited time frame. An example. We might scream the name Rothschild,
        but do we realize that their wealth began when Rothschild took advantage of a
        European War, and stole the gold to pay the Hessien Mercenaries fighting for the
        English in the Revolutionary War??? Today people talk Rotschild, but it started over
        200 years ago. And what happeined 200 to 400 years ago in Europe effects every
        facet of your life from the second your alarm goes off and you get out of bed.
        There are people who do not want you to understand this, as a lack of understanding
        is definitely to their favor.
        I have to go.
        In the future if I say Hello,
        Ask Me Questions, and I’ll give you weird answers.
        That can be backed up with facts.
        (Never forget to take the time to think, dream and ask questions.) 😉

        • What you are saying is our lives here on earth are a type of labyrinth that is repetitive and a microcosm within the macrocosm. If so there has to be a way out of the maze or the labyrinth. There has to be a reset. Is the reset happening now? Is the reset Biblical? Is the reset the final battle between good and evil, which I believe is called Armageddon? I believe we are fighting it now, and it will bring about a culmination of a battle that has been fought from the beginning of time as you explain. Or if that is not so, is the reset for each of us death? I believe in Biblical prophecy, and I believe that the reset will come as the battle has been fought between Satan and God, earth warriors of God, and earth warriors of Satan…here on this planet and in the heavens. If an intelligent being is trapped in a maze, eventually that being will find a way out, or will die one. Nothing last forever, except energy does not die…we will move on in our out of the body. Our intelligence will go on, and each experience we have will make a difference in what comes in the future.

          • Do not ever be offended with my writing, if so, it is misunderstanding. haha
            I haven’t worried about the maze angle, but there are specific bloodlines
            that have dominated for ohh so long. Yeshua tangled with them in the
            Sanhedrin. Their descendants are mixed in with the Khazar Bank Lines.
            You end up with an incredible hybrid of the Rabbinical Genius mixed
            with the ice cold finance genius of the Khazar. People like to heap scorn
            on these people, and it is misplaced. They are the Geniuses that leave us
            with the head spinning. Soros, or Teller (H-Bomb) or Oppenheimer family
            are examples. Soros is just a middle-man, like Kissinger was. There are
            people who call Soros with plans. He facilitates.
            What is weird, and there is evidence that we see, and evidence in historical
            archives, that these families are running sort of a duel with G-d, or working
            their way towards a culmination point. The Prize in this Duel is our Earth.
            If the Families Win, they destroy G-d’s Creation. If G-d wins, he re-inherits
            a post-Armageddon Ruin that he gets to re-construct for the next Millenium.
            Armageddon is NOT WWIII, but we appear to be in a mad dash for WWIII.
            Nobody is asking what we do with thousands of tons of unstable nuclear
            waste in the aftermath of WWIII. There is enough in Pennsylvania, when
            destabilized, to kill the entire planet in 20 years or less. And who knows
            the extent of the underground bunkers that have been constructed. Is
            that where all of the Trillions went???
            What is hard for an American is to visualize America as expendable, or
            as having no long term value except to supply a proxy army, raw materials,
            and as a guarantor for a mountain of credit that cannot be comprehended.
            You believe in prophecy. You are familiar with Ezekiel’s War, and where
            does it take place??? South of Damascus. It is not just Whimsy that all
            of the major armies will not take their gaze away from this location.
            You could say, that all of the gaming pieces are in location on the gameboard.
            It appears we will have the chance to live in interesting times.
            Its evening here, and I have early shift tomorrow. have a good day

          • No one knows when the End Times will be. Not even the SON, only the FATHER. But I do believe ALL the indicators are here NOW. The Elites want WWIII and Israel destroyed and retaliates with the Sampson Option. The entire ME is wiped clean and the BANKSTERS rebuild Jerusalem and make it the center for World Government, Finance and rebuild the Temple for Satan’s Beast’s 42 month rule of the NWO. Islam will be the forced religion of the Beast. Jesus will return with ALL who were beheaded for refusing to renounce Jesus Christ as Lord ad Savoir and refusing to take the Mark of the Beast.
            All we can do is what you are doin NOW. Speak Truth to Power and expect to be Martyred by Satan’s hordes!

          • back in the end of 1982 in Jerusalem there was
            this man about my age, (Armenian Descent) He
            knew the prophecies as if on a digital hard-drive.
            He could pull them out, and piece them together,
            and refer back to the original language. He knew
            this stuff better than anyone I have known or read
            before or since. We crossed paths many times
            over the two months I was there. He said, (and he
            had multiple references), that a third of Israel would
            die in this battle. Portions, and mainly the north are
            supposed to be totally laid waste. America will not be
            spared, but nobody could care. (Nobody that Matters,
            Sell it off to the Chinese and Russian Oligarchs, and
            stiff them good too.) Everybody is busy calculating
            their wealth, but what does it matter now.
            I guess human nature is odd. Believers can read
            Revelations, and “understand” that it says more
            than two – thirds of the humans will perish, but
            when asked – – – 95% will believe they will be alive
            after Armageddon. (Had the chance to drive through
            the Megiddo Valley once.)
            Have a good day,

          • Amen Bro, continue to speak Truth to Power and be prepared to be Martyred. Never Renounce Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior nor take the Mark of the Beast! Hopefully we’ll meet on the other side of the river!

  2. How could they? Because they’re all one big happy family of snakes in the grass?
    And the CIA/NSA has the audio and video to prove it..

  3. How could they let this happen? Because bozo said so…..he’s very much in bed with Pakistan and has been for years. I am sure a lot of his supposedly newfound wealth came from these individuals. He’s been selling out America for many many years now. Better ask bozo how this happened and I’m sure all you’ll get is one of his famous smirks in return….

  4. Hopefully, some brave Congressmen will expose the Awan Brothers and DWS. And don’t forget that DWS had 3 federal prosecutors die in the last few weeks. They were investigating VISA fraud – Awan Brothers have Diplomat VISAs. And, I really think the Awans were put in place by the Democrats. The Awans would take the fall if it ever gets exposed. I hope we’re at a turning point for exposure or all this. George Webb is an excellent source for information.

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