Australia Adopts the Strategy of the Berlin Wall

by Martin Armstrong

This photo of a separated couple in Australia where there is now a hard wall between New South Wales and Queensland illustrates the insane tyranny of Australian politicians who have lost all sense of who elected them. Families are separated and the politicians are no different than the communist leaders of East Germany – create barriers to keep their people in. Never in human history has any government quarantined the entire nation. Quarantines are for the sick – not everyone. They are violating every principle of international law and human rights and continue under such a delusion of power it’s unimaginable.

Forget human compassion, morality, or even common sense. If it were not for the ruthless Australian police who would no doubt massacre their own citizens if they dared to storm the palaces of their politicians and drag them to the streets as in a good old fashion revolution,  we would see freedom restored in Australia. History warns that such ruthless police action will invoke at some point an armed insurrection. You can cross Australia off your bucket list of places to visit in your life. Without a revolution, those who remain silent will only lose all rights as they endorse the usurped powers of these politicians. The situation will get far worse as long as these politicians remain in power for they have demonstrated that they will never repent or back off. History warns such confrontations never end nicely. Tyranny will prevail until the police switch sides and defend the people and the nation.

The tremendous human suffering and cost imposed by these Australian politicians is just a violation of every principle of a free society. They have locked the border between NSW and Queensland which is shown in this photo of a husband and wife separated by this wall.  I have written before how I ent behind the Berlin Wall before it fell. A friend of mine was born there but the day the wall was erected, he was walking with his grandmother on the free side but the rest of his family was trapped behind the wall. He was less than 10 years old at the time. He asked me to go with him for he feared they might discover he was born there and kidnap him so he wanted to go with a real American. I said yes because I wanted to see what really existed for myself.

What Australia is doing is NO different than the ruthless politicians of East Germany. His cousin showed us around town but if anyone came close, she would begin to spout out the standard narrative of how the government was wonderful and took such great care of them. As soon as we were alone, she would then tell the truth. My understanding of socialism and communism was clearly established at that time.

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Those of my generation did not see World War II and I was too young to pay attention to the Korean War. But I did lose more than half of my high school friends to Vietnam. My days are numbered for we all have a shelf life like a gallon of milk. Some will turn sour before it completely expires and some may hold on till the last drop is poured down the drain. But before I fade away to see all my old friends and family, there is something important I really need to say. While I am thankful for my time here growing up in the age of prosperity and freedom, it saddens me deeply that my posterity will never know what it was once like to breathe the fresh air of freedom when human rights actually meant something.

The future we face has many doors. It is up to us to open the right one. Those in power only see themselves as the savior of humanity for we are far too stupid to understand only what a politician can comprehend by simply being elected. They have crossed the line this time and gone far beyond any reason. They forgot that they were elected and drool over the exercise of power unbridled.


They perceive themselves as almighty and magnificent along with magnanimous so when they look in the mirror, they cannot see the real person they have become. Throughout history, those in power have NEVER seen themselves as evil. Even Hitler believed he was doing the world a great service and by conquering all of Europe, he would restore the Pax Romano of the Roman Empire – the war to end all wars.

As Thomas Paine concluded, those in power always become drunk with that power and they will never see themselves as the problem. They see themselves as the embodiment of the nation – never the people. They think they have the Divine Right of Kings to rule as they desire and will always soon diminish all human rights that interfere with the delusions.

Let us see how long the people will tolerate this tyranny and how long the police will defend a tyranny that enslaves their own future and that of their children. The Great Awakening will take place. There is no question of that. The politicians in Australia will only seek a dictatorship since nobody in the right mind would vote for this total loss of human rights.


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