John Feneck: Bullish Signals All-Around in the Mining Stocks

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 8/29/21

0:00 – Introduction
0:35 – John’s Background
2:46 – FOMC & Jerome Powell
5:40 – Non-Farm Payrolls
7:28 – Positioning
8:47 – Inflation Importance
10:06 – Gold Fundamentals
12:17 – Stocks Vs. Physical
13:58 – Investing Methods
15:56 – Selling Determination
18:16 – Managing Junior Risk?
21:06 – Royalty Plays
23:28 – Silver & Supply
26:57 – Other Metals & Methods
30:46 – Crypto Markets & Risk
33:21 – Metals Manipulation?
34:27 – Concluding Thoughts
35:20 – Wrap Up

Tom welcomes John Feneck of Feneck Consulting to the show. John discusses his extensive background with Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan of nearly thirty years. Afterward in 2017, he started working for Sprott while developing his own direction with Feneck Consulting which he launched recently.

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FOMC Chair Powell is a former attorney and isn’t an economist. So, it’s important to listen to what the Fed chair is saying and avoid noise from others even those at the Fed. John explains the importance of non-farm payrolls metrics but one should also watch the CPI and home prices. He cautions that a single metric should not affect the gold sector that much.

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Miners will offer outsized returns particularly this fall since they have been beaten down. All the large mining conferences are coming up this fall and most CEOs are excited.

John explains when they prefer to hold physical versus when they prefer to trade. Currently, some equities like the hospitality sector may be well ahead of themselves especially considering the delta variant.

He likes silver and particularly palladium because of its limited supply and details why there are opportunities with palladium juniors.

Crypto he argues has taken some of the speculation away from the metals. There are many opportunities for making money today and that causes a lack of interest in certain sectors but also opportunities for the observant.

Talking Points From This Episode
– FOMC Powell and government reporting.
– Opportunities this fall in junior mining investing.
– Determining when to sell and his investing methods.


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