Australia Developing an App where any Random Citizen Must Respond with a Selfie to Prove Their Location at Any Time

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by Chris Black

That new Australian policy that forces people to take a selfie every hour to “prove where they are” is total humiliation ritual BS. If they actually wanted to make sure people were where they are supposed to be they could just force people to install a live location tracking app that uses GPS data, but instead they are doing this. Its humiliating because you have to go out of your way and stop whatever you are doing to repeatedly take a selfie in likely the same location to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are where you say you are, you are a slave to your smart phone, more-so than you ever were before.

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I also expect that this app is probably feeding into some facial recognition tech so they can run the faces of every solitary Australian through some machine learning algorithm for yet another draconian technocratic nightmare app down the road.

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