Australia starting to feel a little like communist China? There’s a reason for that…

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The Australian federal government and all state and territory governments have agreed upon “a four-phase National Plan to transition Australia’s National COVID Response”, the architect and author of which is the Doherty Institute, a prestigious Melbourne-based medical research thinktank with multiple fingers in multiple pies.

Australian governmental plans to deal with COVID-19 are based directly upon modelling supplied by the Doherty Institute. NSW and Victoria in lockdowns? This great idea was based upon the modelling and agreed to by state premiers under the “National Plan to Transition Australia’s National COVID Response”. ALL state and territory leaders agreed to follow the plan in a sitting of the “national cabinet” a while back. If the Doherty Institute says “jump!”, the federal and state and territory governments in Australia ask “how high?”.

Nice that they’ve relied upon “industry” to provide advice and recommendations, isn’t it?

I would question the wisdom of relying absolutely upon a single source of such information.

I would also question whether that single source of information was compromised by the enemy and harnessed to do as much damage to Australia as possible. Which enemy? Communist China of course.

But surely such a prestigious institute would be unbiased, and base all of their finding upon solid science rather than geopolitical bullshit? Wouldn’t they…?

Item – March 2020 – the Doherty Institute receives a 3.2 million dollar donation from the Jack Ma Foundation to fund COVID-19 research. Jack Ma as you may know is a Chinese billionaire and owner of the Alibaba group of companies. He is also very personally compromised by the communist chinese government. Billionaires in China are absolutely beholden to the Chinese communist party. If they don’t tow the party line they could easily find themselves out of business and destitute. Indeed, Jack Ma has found himself in CHICOM re-education facilities in the recent past. Large donations from chinese companies to overseas institutes need to be vetted and approved by the Chinese communist party.

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Item – June 2020 – the Doherty Institute receives a US$2 Million donation from TikTok to fund COVID-19 research. As you may know, TikTok is a Chinese-owned company which makes it absolutely beholden to the Chinese communist party. TikTok was also banned in the USA for suspicion of routing all traffic through China so the chicoms could siphon off any proprietary or national security information in much the same way as Zoom is known to have done. Large donations from chinese companies to overseas institutes need to be vetted and approved by the Chinese communist party.$2-million-donation-from-tiktok-to-fund-covid-19-research

Item – Also June 2020 – the Australian government awards the Doherty Institute a $660,000 grant to “lead COVID-19 related activities with select Chinese universities – all of which are absolutely beholden to the Chinese communist party.

The Doherty Institute is funded by China and is working closely with China and they are in charge of Australia’s COVID-19 response?

They are compromised and feeding faulty and damaging advice to Australia’s federal and state and territory governments.

This information isn’t new and I wasn’t the first to connect the dots. It has been posted and then deleted from social media platforms all over the world for more than 12 months, and it keeps on being suppressed. It didn’t really matter this time last year, but now that the Australian governments have gone full-1984, the information becomes far more profound.

h/t TheTardster

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