Australia: Why Can a Pharmaceutical Company Seize a Nation’s Military Bases?

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Transcript of Video Clip (spoken with Australian accent):

“I can’t believe what I’ve just seen and I will share the news report, but it’s gone some way to explaining why our government seems terrorized and under some kind of tyranny with regards to the way they are behaving during this pandemic.

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Apparently it’s these appalling Pfizer contracts, which state very clearly that unless you roll it out to as many people as specified, in exactly the manner specified, then this water-tight contract means that Pfizer, a corporate pharmaceutical company, can seize the sovereign assets of a nation, including funds, that’s our tax dollars, and get this, military bases.

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Now excuse me, why would a corporate pharma company like Pfizer be wanting to seize military bases? This is profiteering by the way, from a pandemic, and it is totally illegal.

Doesn’t it sound like Pfizer is possibly owned by China?”


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