Australian Government Wants Youtube & Facebook to Remove Content that Undermines Their Covid Vaccination Campaign

Australia’s medical regulator (TGA) has written to Google and Facebook to ask for the removal of “seriously misleading” posts from Clive Palmer’s political party.

The TGA is the medicine and therapeutic regulatory agency of the Australian Government

In the letter, the boss of the Therapeutic Goods Administration asked the digital giants to remove the content from the United Australia Party, citing their selective use of the regulator’s data on adverse vaccine events.

“As you may be aware, the TGA has expressed concern about material promoted on social media, including YouTube by the United Australia Party which we believe provides a seriously misleading picture of the safety of Covid-19 vaccines and could discourage individuals and their families from becoming vaccinated.”

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“Extracts of information have been selectively taken … and have been presented in such a way on social media that many could conclude that the vaccines have been responsible for several hundred deaths in Australia.”

“While for the reasons described above, the communications from the UAP do not fit into the category of advertising, I would ask you to consider removing such communications as they undermine Australia‘s vaccination campaign and are not in the public interest.”

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