Australia’s ‘Mass Death Camps’ And Manhunts For ‘Quarantine Prison Escapees’ Are Showing The World The Globalists Tyrannical Hand

Forced vaccinations, or as they call it “voluntary” vaccinations, are pushed to the extreme in so many areas of this world that they even imprison whole populations and refuse to let them out without getting the murder shot as exemplified by the recent stories of Aborigines being forced into concentrations camps and forcefully injected, including children. They went so far as to have a MANHUNT for three aboriginal teenagers that managed to escape the quarantine prison for a short while. As reported in the UK Daily Expose “a group of indigenous Australians made a plea for international help due to the Northern Territory government force vaccinating the people in the community. According to their representative David, the government was “using the military, foreign military, foreign police officers, local military and local police officers to pressure our people into taking this bioweapon.”

On November 11, 2021 Israel held table top war games that they named “Omega”. The object was to see how to react and practice the responses to a new LETHAL variant of the C19 corona virus they labeled the Omega strain, therefore the games name. They claim that they defeated the new variant in this war game and now we see that only two weeks later they are on the verge of a “State of Emergency” over the new variant they called Omega. Israel has one of the world’s highest vaccinations rates, yet they also have one of the world’s highest infection rates with most being among the fully vaccinated. I wonder why that is, as I shake my head, in the successful deception they commit by not admitting that it is the kill shot and NOT some pretend virus killing them.

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