People with allergic conditions including hay fever, asthmas and eczema have an up to 40% lower risk of COVID-19 infection, study finds

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A new study looked at more than 16,000 adults in the UK between May 2020 and February 2021
People with atopic diseases – such as eczema – as well as hay fever or rhinitis had a 23% lower risk of Covid
Asthma sufferers had a 38% lower risk of Covid infection even when using steroid inhalers
Patients who were older, male or had other underlying conditions were not at an increased risk of infection

People with allergic conditions such as hay fever have a lower risk of being infected with COVID-19, a new study suggests.

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Researchers from Queen Mary University of London looked at more than 16,000 adults in the UK between May 2020 and February 2021

They found that hay fever and eczema sufferers are nearly 25 percent less likely to contract the virus.

What’s more, people with asthma were almost 40 percent less likely to be infected, even if they used steroid inhalers.

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For the study, published on Thursday in the journal Thorax, the team recruited 16,081 adults between May 1, 2020 and February 5, 2021.

Of the participants, 15,227 filled out at least one follow-up questionnaire and 14,348 people completed the final questionnaire on or before February 5.

The adults were asked to provide information on their ages, heights, weights, diets lifestyles and whether or not they were taking any medications or had been vaccinated against Covid.


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