YouShouldKnow: When you buy digital media online, you don’t own it, you’re just licensed to watch it. that can be taken away.

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by  lost12

Why YSK: just because you “buy” something digitally, doesn’t mean the same when you physically buy something. you are buying ACCESS to the content. don’t be surprised if the company revokes access.

A user lost access to his movies in apple’s ecosystem. it was a licensing issue

If you look at amazon’s policy for the content providers that want to use Amazon’s platform:

Under Section “6. General Description of the Service; Distribution Modes:”

(a) purchase a license to access digital copies …

(b) purchase a license to access digital copies …

(c) access audio visual content via …

(d) access audio visual content ….

Nowhere does it mention you own a copy of the audio/visual content. A lawsuit against Apple for using “buying” when you don’t really buy anything

“Apple tried to get the lawsuit dismissed, claiming that consumers know that buying something on iTunes doesn’t mean buying it forever.”

You don’t own games from EA, only a license to the content

The EA Services are licensed to you, not sold. EA grants you a personal, limited, non-transferable, revocable and non-exclusive license to use the EA Services to which you have access for your non-commercial use, subject to your compliance with this Agreement.

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