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  • The official job title will be security analyst and they are expected to combat misinformation ‘on a full-time’ basis
  • The ‘misinformation spotter’ is tasked with disrupting nefarious election activities and boosting the public’s confidence in elections 
  • The initiative is part of a larger campaign by Governor Ned Lamont to educate and inform registered voters
  • $4 million will be allotted to Democracy Initiatives Projects, a project focuses on upgrading dated voter registration system
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The Connecticut government is offering a $150,000 salary to the state’s first ‘misinformation spotter,’ ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

The official job title will be security analyst, and the individual will be expected to combat misinformation ‘on a full-time’ basis, The New York Times first reported.

Their job will be to identify and flag information that they think may significantly disrupt election activities, and to boost the public’s confidence in the fairness and accuracy of results.

It is all part of a massive campaign against alleged misinformation funded by Democrat Governor Ned Lamont, and overseen by Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.


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