Authorities Mysteriously DESTROY New Mexico Compound! – Is This A COVER-UP?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the mysteries surrounding the New Mexico compound near Taos where children were taught how to commit horrible atrocities. It started in Georgia when a child went missing. The search ended at the New Mexico compound where they found the bones of the child. After investigating a little bit, they found that the strange cult at the compound sacrificed the child to “rid the child of demons”. All the while, they were not feeding the children properly.
First the culprits were arrested. Secondly, the culprits were released on bail which is a total outrage! Thirdly, the compound was mysteriously destroyed by police!
Now the media is no longer covering this story which should be one of the top news stories without a doubt.
Something is going on here. Something incredibly suspicious. Why did authorities destroy the compound and with it, evidence? Why were the culprits released on bail with the judge claiming there was no evidence they were a threat to the public?
Connect this with the recent story of the Pennsylvania Catholic Church officials being arrested and one has to question, if this is what we’re told, what AREN’T we being told? These sick cults are nothing new and high up members of the political, banking and business establishment have been tied to strange cults in the past as well. Why is it wrong to question? Why can’t we investigate without being shunned or called crazy? Children’s lives are at stake, this should not be glossed over!