AWESOMENESS: Utah National Guard Volunteers To Help Workers Clean Graffiti While Stationed In Washington D.C.

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What it’s like for Utah National Guard troops deployed in D.C.

After a long night standing post amid the sometimes violent protests in the nation’s capital, Utah National Guard soldiers stationed across the street from the White House saw a small maintenance crew pull out brushes to paint over a graffiti-laden building in Lafayette Park.

We said, ‘Hey, do you have any more brushes?” Maj. Brent Mangum of the Utah National Guard recalled a fellow soldier saying.

The crew obliged, and Utah soldiers, some of whom had served in wars and some of whom were new to the uniform, applied coats of brown paint over profanity and appeals for an end of the killing of black people. They raked up plastic bottles and other debris from the night before.

We’re not tasked with cleanup,” Mangum said. “But, I mean, of course we saw an opportunity and cleaned up the park from all the stuff that was being thrown at us, as well as the graffiti and stuff that happened.”

This tells me that none of these soldiers are planning on walking out on Washington D.C. and the POTUS. Bring their million-hoodlum-riot to the White House if ya want. I’m not thinking it will be as easy as looting New York or Los Angeles!



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