SB 1408 — Mandates research on the correlation between marijuana use and mental illness.

SB 1514 — Requires the Department of Housing to provide emergency shelter beds in western Maricopa County for homeless seniors who are at least 55 years old.

SB 1526 — Allows a prisoner to receive a certificate after completing a training program to work in a field or trade and ensures female prisoners get feminine hygiene products without being charged.

SB 1635 — Makes numerous technical corrections to laws already enacted.

SB 1716 — Establishes the Joint Legislative Psychiatric Hospital Review Council and requires a surveillance system at the Arizona State Hospital.

HB 2001 — Creates a retroactive income tax credit for part of the value of land donated for a site for a traditional public or charter school.

HB 2070 — Provides for the release of original birth certificates that were sealed due to an adoption.

HB 2296 — Requires the Department of Transportation to suspend rather than revoke someone’s driving privileges after a second conviction of reckless driving, aggressive driving or racing.

HB 2303 — Mandates the health department to conduct proficiency testing of independent laboratories that test marijuana.

HB 2414 — Authorizes the health department to inspect any medical marijuana dispensary during normal business hours.

HB 2674 — Permits some people who were convicted of sex offenses to eliminate the need for them to register.

The DeceptiCon wing of the party feels emboldened by the lack of the MAGA contingent to push back forcefully against them. There are times when it becomes necessary to separate from bad people and unfortunately the Republican party does not seem capable of getting rid of the conniving corrupt internal elements.

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Remember, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was blocked from entry into the Republican Governors Association (RGA) in Tennessee. because members of the RGA were concerned that Lindell would confront them over their election fraud inaction.  Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is the Chairman of the RGA.

As we have all witnessed in the era of “Trump the outsider”, this DeceptiCon club has many tentacles. The DeceptiCon network is embedded deep inside the institution of the RNC, which is now chaired by Mitt Romney’s niece Ronna McDaniel. Essentially you can look at Ronna McDaniel’s curriculum vitae as a roadmap to the underlying agenda.

The larger goal of the current RNC network is to retain the club priority in similar fashion to what the Virginia GOP looks like. Those who control the republican party in Virginia are purists in the establishment GOP outlook. Pontificating Wall Street types, globalists in the form of UniParty members, who work openly to eliminate the threat of a true conservative base. The Virginia GOP will change any rule, undermine any candidate and intentionally lose elections (if needed) in order to retain the DeceptiCon agenda.

The outlook amid these cocktail class republicans toward the MAGA movement is identical as their former outlook toward the Tea Party. They view populism and ‘America First’ as a threat to their ideological goals and globalist objectives. This outlook is now being reinforced in several states by the party apparatus (see what happened to Mike Lindell). Ronna McDaniel facilitates the DeceptiCon club directly, indirectly and through a process of willful blindness.

The fight continues…