Bad things happen when you make politics your religion:

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Mother reveals she hid Trump presidency from young son for four years in viral social media post.

A mother’s social media post has gained widespread attention for revealing she hid President Trump’s presidency from her son for the last four years.

“It’s still 2008 in my home. That is, my 6-year-old son assumes Obama is president, he knows Biden is president-elect, but he has no idea Trump exists — which is a deliberate parenting choice I made that spun a little out of control over the past four years,” the woman’s post reads.

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Many reacted to the woman’s Facebook post with condemnation, saying her son will lose all trust in her on other issues and characterizing her lying to a young child as “weird.”

“She just completely destroyed her son’s ability to trust his parents about anything, starting as soon as he has a single unsupervised conversation with anyone outside the house. I hope she doesn’t keep him locked away out of a sense of self-pity,” one Twitter user wrote.

“The weirdest part for me is that she clearly just put herself in denial for four years and is trying to claim that she needed to do it to hide the news from…. a two-year-old,” another person wrote on Twitter.

Don’t try this at home, kids parents.


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