Bank Of America WARNS The BUBBLE Will BURST! – Why Speculation Will Cause The CRASH

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news from Bank Of America as they warn that due to the level of euphoria in the stock market, it’s quite possible to see the bubble burst as it’s reminiscent of the year 2000. Michael Hartnett, the chief investment strategist at Bank Of America wrote that Q1 2020 equals Q1 2000 and explained with a series of charts and examples. Could we be on the verge of another major tech bubble like we saw in 2001? Everything is quite different today, but so much the same at the same time. Look at FANG stocks. They’re heavily inflated despite doing little to innovate in the past few years and in many cases purposely pushing away the people that make those platforms great! As we reach peak debt and the Federal Reserve prints an incredible amount of currency into the markets, how much longer can this possibly go on? There’s an everything bubble worldwide and the clock is ticking.


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