Bank of Canada’s Plan to Enslave you – The Jasper Project

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In this video John Sneisen and Financial Advisor Tim Picciott talks about the recent world first blockchain transaction between two central banks. The name of the project from the Bank of Canada is Jasper. The central bankers in Singapore and Canada now have a blockchain clearing mechanism that works.

Is Project Jasper the coming death of your personal and individual freedom? If you loose the last part of your individual freedom the economic transaction of value without being tracked and taxed to death. That will be a digital tyranny much like what China is building through their Sesame Credit system. Would you live in a world that is centralized and controlled or decentralized so no one can get power over you and your money?

To save the global economic system we think that they need to push for a cashless society, but can they pull it off? We ask this and many other questions including the Cycles of Centralization vs. decentralization through the centuries

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