This week six CNN journalists produced an article falsely claiming US-appointed Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaidó was elected, before quietly issuing a misleading correction.

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by AssuredlyAThrowAway


CNN and other corporate media clearly have been engaging in a conspiracy to undermine the government of Venezuela (either to obtain its natural resources or to promote defense contracts for their shareholders), and its quite telling that the network attempted to correct the following false statement;

The helicopter crash comes as pressure is mounting on Maduro to step down, following elections in January in which voters chose opposition leader Juan Guaido over him for president.

With nothing but a vague and obtuse follow up which said;

An earlier version of this story incorrectly described how Juan Guaido came to be Venezuela’s self-declared president.

Clearly, CNN went out of its way to avoid stating that there was no election in Venezuela in January (as that would undermine their support of Guadio’s coup). Truly shameful to see corporate media engaging in political cover for the US military industrial complex. The echoes of the Iraq war’s early years (with fake intel from curve-ball spread through the NY times and others as if it were gospel) are ringing louder by the


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