Bannon Drops NUKE… He’ll Be Next Target

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Stephen K. Bannon went on an epic rant explaining how traders known as the apes are in populist holy war against Wall Street.

“This is not about economics, this is not about finance,” Bannon said on War Room, Monday. “This is about power.”

Bannon reveals how Wall Street is trying to protect its corrupt system by smearing the apes, who are “going to the heart” of the corrupt and incompetent system.

“Don’t go after the apes,” he said. “Don’t look for the splinter in their eye before you look at the plank in your own.”


Bannon exposes how woke capital is writing off $8 billion in losses. “You know who’s money that is? That’s your money,” he said.

“It’s your money, the Deplorables,” Bannon added. “That’s what they’re playing with.

“Where are the yachts for the apes? Where are the yachts for the Deplorables?”

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