Bannon predicts FBI Director Wray will be fired, Giuliani will be Interim Director

Trump uses interim positions to clean house. I felt Trump was about to fire Wray and pick and interim and was wondering who it might be.

Well, this is beyond huge. This is a MOAB.

EVERYTHING on that laptop — from financial crimes to torture and rape of children — can and will be prosecuted by Giuliani and Grenell.

Richard Grenell has already shown himself to be fantastic and Giuliani is out for blood.

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“War!” -Andrew Breitbart

Steve Bannon’s War Room

#SteveBannon predicts: #FBI Director Wray will be fired. He’s done, has been a total disaster.

Interim FBI Director will be @RudyGiuliani, with Richard Grenell as his wingman.

#WarRoomPandemic @WarRoom2020


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h/t Inquire Within