Protests expected tonight after this incident in Chicago

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Protestors disrupted a Wednesday afternoon news conference outside the Waukegan Police Department, demanding to know why the officer fired into the vehicle, with one man saying “my nephew is dead in the street,” according to a Daily Herald report.

State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim said it may be several weeks before state police finish their investigation, and that only then will his office be able to review their findings.

“Once I have had the opportunity to review the entire investigation, I will make a determination regarding whether the officers violated any laws. Should it be determined the officers violated a law, they will be criminally charged,” Nerheim said in a statement. “If laws were not broken, I will write up a detailed statement that will completely review the facts, show the evidence, explain applicable laws, and give our reasoning for the final decision.”

Former Lake County sheriff and current U.S. Senate candidate Mark Curran said the Stinnette family has roots in the area and expressed confidence in Nerheim to investigate the shooting.

“On its face, it looks bad,” Curran said. “I have confidence in Mike Nerheim. … In my dealings with Nerheim, he’s not afraid to indict an officer if that’s where the evidence leads.”

A protest is scheduled for noon Thursday at the site of the shooting, Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. and South Avenue, before a march to the Waukegan police headquarters, 101 N. West St., according to Clyde McLemore, founder of the Lake County chapter of Black Lives Matter.



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