Be Prepared: The 2022 Election May Be Worse

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The 2020 Election was a mess. There is ample evidence of the 2020 Election being stolen. Before 2020 is even cleaned up, 2022 will be here.

Many Republicans in states where President Trump won the 2020 election feel their systems and therefore their 2020 Election results were fine. Nothing could be further from the truth.

n Missouri for example, where President Trump won the election by roughly 20%, there are large pockets like – St. Louis – where no one in their right mind would believe the elections are free and fair. Other large pockets, like California, are also questionable.

The problem for the states that were won by Republicans, is that it is tempting to think that the election is free and fair, and yet it might be a mess waiting to happen.

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One concerning location is Florida. shares:

Given Governor Ron DeSantis’ ever increasing popularity, re-election in 2022 appears to be a foregone conclusion. The Sunshine State’s electoral systems have been lauded as the gold standard of the country … but are they? The bar is exceedingly low, given the findings of Arizona’s audit and the mounting list of anomalies in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and other states.

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