Ben Garrison – ‘Electronic Concentration Camp’


I think it is just the tip of the iceberg. The reality is that for a long time, well over 2 decades now, we’ve been amassing enormous amounts of data from the internet. You can’t possibly process all of that data without the help of AI. If people want to believe AI is just now advancing after 25 years or so, then I have a unicorn to sell them. AI has been around since at least the time when cell phones were around. If the world is not already ran on AI, then it’s ran by people who are using AI. Think about the kind of AI brains we’re developing. Inevitably, these artificial minds will be derived from those creating them or those who are commissioning their creation. So you have an AI mind that is probably, at least at conception, based on the mind of someone like Dennis Ritchie or Baron Rothschild but it’s evolved to .. well no one really knows where. Now that AI mind is either running society or helping run society.

Most of those running the world, they’ve got their eyes set on the prize. That prize is immortality, digital brain uploads, clones, having their bodies frozen, life extension technology, spreading their genetics and companies throughout space, etc. What they’re missing is them and their families won’t be running things for long. But this is why they don’t care about the genetics here on earth. They don’t care about what country they were born in or what racial group they belong to. Them and their families are looking forward into the near future, much of it already here. But what they’re missing is what I explained above, them and their families won’t be running anything. No one is putting any brakes on AI because it’s too profitable for business and government. There’s too much power and control involved in it. It is only a matter of time before the dog gets of the leash, if it hasn’t already. More troubling than perhaps a single AI dictator, is what happens when different AIs that were created and developed independently of one another go to war?

The 4th industrial revolution will be IoF or the internet of things. It is already here and it is already happening. 5G is already here and so is IPV6. Everything is already connected to the web and that is increasing everyday. To run this web and IoF we already have AI gathering all of the data and performing all of the logistics, making adjustments based on that, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, writing its own updates. The IoF as we have it today, the massive amount of communications and interconnectivity we have, the massive amount of information gathering we have would not be possible as we know it today without AI running it all.

Technologies are already developed and possibly out there that can literally read your mind. How will decisions be made on who lives or dies? Who gets a job? I’ve already had job interviews where you talk on the phone to an AI or talk to an AI on your PC with a camera. It judges your reactions based on facial responses. What if you have some scarring or muscle damage on your face? How does it read you? Hair lip? It misreads the fuck out of you. This is happening. Because of the reasons I outlined above with the life extension and the space travel, cryogenics, etc the rich aren’t concerned with race beyond their immediate usefulness and purpose they serve to control us en masse. AI isn’t either. We already have pills that can increase IQ. It is already possible to a great extent but it will become much cheaper and effective shortly to manipulate any human’s temper, intelligence and even download knowledge libraries into our brains(this is already possible). You can take Tarzan and turn him into Einstein anytime you want or Mozart. The buildings being destroyed by criminals in the West? How hard will it be to produce stuff much greater with AI, 3d printing and nanotechnology? I’m just pointing out the thought process here of AI and the wealthy.

I think the odds of us making it past all of this are slim to none, who can say. I shouldn’t even say any of that. I simply don’t know what the odds are or what will happen. I hope someone out there is controlling and putting some kind of barrier on some of this shit. It’s great artists like Ben are bringing people’s attention to the Electronic Surveillance Grid but that’s like realizing you may have an electrical issue after the house is already on fire and your pants are burning. People are so massively far behind what is actually happening. I even used to study Agenda 21 and didn’t fully realize it’s role in the 4th industrial revolution until I saw a video by Truthstream media that pointed it out.


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