Best Explanation of the Wuhan Virus Scam Totally Exposed – Dr. Ted Noel

Financial Survival Network, Released on 3/26/20

If you’re like us you’ve been sitting back with nothing else to do than contemplate the global economic disaster that we’re currently going through. Is it a deep state plot, an act of utter incompetence by our leaders or just a bunch of well intentioned pointy headed bureaucrats in over their heads? It really doesn’t matter which. This disaster has been completely mishandled from the get go. According to noted retired critical care physician, Dr. Ted Noel, the time for quarantines was when the Coronavirus was first discovered by China. According to studied, the disease could have been halted in its tracks if China had done the right, which of course they didn’t. Once 10’s of thousands of travelers were allowed to leave Wuhan, the entire world became infected. The virus was out in the wild, as Dr. Noel referred to it.

At that point the best thing for governments and health specialists to do, was to reverse quaranntine those in the vulnerable segment. Theh infection rate had already gone full hockey stick and there was no stopping it. The good news, however, is that the virus is extremely suceptible to heat and humidity as numerous studies have shown. This will result in a dramatic cessation come spring and summer.

Most people are immune to the virus, as high as 80 percent, as we discovered from the infection rates experienced on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship. THe actual death rate was 1 percent, likely due to ineffective medical treatments.

The problem in Italy and NYC is that their medical systems were socialized and therefore, an adminstrator gets to play G-d. His decision determines who will live and who will die.

We also go into treatment options and why the FDA’s actions on the Quinine based drugs could be fatal. Drink lots of Tonic, each bottle has 83 mg of Quinine. Could it be a good treatment and preventative?

This is the best presentation to date on the topic.


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