Describes EXACTLY the Danger Hospital Employees Are In

I can tell you this describes EXACTLY what is happening at my hospital. Staff are risking their lives because of hospital management I hope there are lawsuits and criminal proceedings in the aftermath of this. Worth your time to read the whole thing. The truth needs to be understood and exposed.

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, but nowhere feels quite as surreal as the frontline of healthcare in America. Healthcare workers everywhere have been too shocked or fearful of retaliation to expose the risks that we, and by consequence, all of you, are currently facing. It’s time for the dirty secrets and inconvenient truths of what is really happening behind the scenes to come to light.
Currently, few employees feel their hospital is stepping up and doing the right thing amidst our woefully unprepared situation. The exceptional hospitals are letting staff wear protection brought from home, encouraging them to wear masks around all patients, etc. But the voices of these employees are getting drowned in a sea of those from hospitals that are sending them to the slaughter. If you want to know how your local hospital is faring, ask the first employee you see in the emergency room what their current mask policy is. You may realize you don’t have an “emergency” after all.
TL;DR — Do not go to the hospital for the foreseeable future unless your life truly depends on it. Visiting most ERs right now is akin to playing Russian Roulette. Think I’m being dramatic? Please read on.

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h/t telling it straight