BIDEN ADMITS COVID DEFEAT! Joe Biden Leaves to Delaware Beach House After Telling Governors “There Is No Federal Solution” to COVID

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You are on your own now! Dementia Joe has given up on COVID. While TRUMP launched Operation WARP Speed and got us not just 1, not 2, but THREE vaccines against COVID in under a year, all Dementia Joe did was shuffle around screaming at America to get 14 boosters and wear 9 masks at a time while offerring no proof either would work.

Now Dementia Joe is tired, has given up and is going home to take a nap.

If it is a state thing now, do we have to listen to Dr. Mengele FAUXci?

Joe Biden on Monday waved the white flag and conceded there is no federal solution to Covid.

“Look, there is no federal solution to Covid. This gets solved at a state level,” Biden said admitting he’s a total failure.

This was quite the statement considering the federal government has ruined millions of lives and tens of thousands of businesses by trying to control the China Virus.

Now they say they cannot control it.

After Biden made his announcement he grabbed an umbrella and left for his beach house in Delaware.



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