Biden Goes INSANE, Calls for Regime Change in Russia… WH Backpedals Furiously

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Biden is slammed for his ‘unscripted’ declaration that Putin ‘cannot remain in power’:
Experts warn that despite White House efforts to clean president’s mess up, the Kremlin will have ‘got the message’

* Biden appeared to call for regime change in Russia during speech on Saturday on Warsaw

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* ‘For God’s sake this man cannot remain in power,’ he said in unscripted remark

* The call for Putin’s removal from power alarmed foreign policy experts who say it will escalate tensions

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* They warn that appearing to back Putin into a corner could give him ‘nothing to lose’

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* Kremlin responded with instant fury to Biden’s comment, saying the US has no say in Putin’s leadership

* White House scrambled to attempt to clarify Biden’s remarks, insisting he was not calling for regime change


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