Biden headline writes itself…

For some Democrats, even Reagan is better than Biden

President Joe Biden probably figures, rightfully, that by defeating former President Donald Trump, his party should still be parading him around on their shoulders.

But even after offering up historically large spending packages long pushed by his side, Biden is moving into afterthought status just 11 months into office, an unusually unpopular leader dissed on the campaign trail because his endorsement lacks punch or coattails.

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Amid a string of disapproving public polls, a new one has just landed with a harsh and depressing message from the party’s base: As good as Biden might be, he’s not Barack Obama or Bill Clinton — or even Ronald Reagan.

For most in the party, all three scored higher in a landmark Pew Research Center survey that asked who has been the best president of the last 40 years. Among Democrats, Biden came in behind Obama, Clinton, and Reagan among the three largest factions of the party.


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