Biden’s Approval Rating Reaches New Low

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by Martin Armstrong

Biden’s approval rating is now at its lowest point since he entered office. America is now at its worst point since he entered office. Biden has repeatedly shown the people that he is an incompetent leader. Even the White House has had to clarify Biden’s statements as a misstep while speaking as the POTUS could lead to a world war.

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Around 71% of respondents say America is “on the wrong track” under the Biden Administration. Inflation has caused the cost of living to become unmaintainable for 62% of American families who stated they are “falling behind” on finances, and 63% said they do not approve of his handling of the nation’s economy.

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Only 28% of respondents said they had a “great deal” (12%) or “quite a bit” (16%) of confidence in Biden’s ability to handle the conflict in Ukraine. Around 51% of Americans disapprove of his management of foreign policy overall. Everyone knows that Joe Biden is unfit to lead America at this point.

Public confidence is gone.


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