Big Guy Biden Lawyers-Up for Hunter Fallout

President Joe “Big Guy” Biden has lawyered up in anticipation of a Republican takeover of Congress after the 2022 midterms, according to the New York Times.

Biden has hired Richard Sauber, currently the chief legal officer of the Department of Veterans Affairs, as “special counsel to the president” in the expectation that Republicans will open investigations into the president’s role in his son’s corrupt financial dealings in Ukraine and China.

In an interview with an Australian news station, Curtin University political analyst Joe Siracusa said the “expensive” lawyer’s only job is to keep Biden out of jail, as Republicans target his manifest incompetence.

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“They’re gonna start with the departure from Kabul in Afghanistan, they’re gonna go to the Southern border . . . and they’re gonna go after his kid, of course,” Siracusa told Sky News.

“The only thing that might save the president is the fact that they like Kamala Harris less,” he continued.


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