Costco is next, beatdown coming

via WSB:

I know that 90% of the time it’s just best to inverse the DD’s on this subreddit, but once in a while a trend is so easy to see that even us morons get it right. Before Walmart’s earnings a few of us mentioned concerns for earnings misses and forecast cuts in the setting of increased labor and material costs in addition to lower consumer discretionary spending…

May 17: Walmart falls down 11% as its forecast is cut to nobody’s surprise. Meanwhile, Target barely budges, despite having a very similar business model and revenue/cost structure…because logic!

May 18: Target has a similarly horrible earnings and forecast and drops 26% in one day!

May 19: No way that Ross would fall down too, in fact the stock trades green for most of the day! After hours earnings are reported and it’s down a cool 23%. Who could have anticipated the same labor costs, supply side constraints, and decreased consumer spending projections would hurt its projections?!

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Next week on May 26th after the bell Costco reports. Admittedly the stock has been beaten down 30% in one month…but is still up 10% in the past year, which is not likely to last when it will undoubtedly:

  1. Misses its analyst expectations on EPS and/or revenue, which were set prior to the recent retail earnings
  2. Cuts its projections from last quarter’s estimates

Amazingly the IV is not sky high yet and a slightly OME weekly put is only 4.5% from breakeven. Looking at all these 10-30% drops post earnings for its competitors with the same macro challenges its facing, this should be an easy one.

Position: COST 420p 50 contracts exp 5/27

TLDR: Costco is screwed


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