Only Donald Trump Stands Between Americans and Lawlessness, California to Sue Feds for Asking People on the Census If They’re Citizens

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‘Big Victory for President Trump:’ Commerce Department Puts U.S. Citizenship Question Back on Census

In a historic moment for President Trump’s administration, Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross has announced that a question asking United States residents if they are American citizens will be placed on the 2020 Census.

Ross made the announcement late on Monday evening, writing in a statement:

After a thorough review of the legal, program, and policy considerations, as well as numerous discussions with Census Bureau leadership, Members of Congress, and interested stakeholders, Secretary Ross has determined that reinstatement of a citizenship question on the 2020 decennial census questionnaire is necessary to provide complete and accurate census block level data.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach told Breitbart News that the move to put the citizenship question back on the Census was a historic victory for Trump’s administration and one that will result in more accurate unemployment data and a better estimate of the illegal alien population.


California AG: ‘It Is Illegal’ To Ask People If They’re Citizens On A Census; Files Lawsuit Against Trump Admin

On Monday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said that he is filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration over the decision to add the citizenship question to the 2020 Census.

In a tweet, Becerra wrote: “#BREAKING: Filing suit against @realdonaldtrump’s Administration over decision to add #citizenship question on #2020Census. Including the question is not just a bad idea — it is illegal”

President Trump’s Commerce Department said Monday evening that the citizenship question will be included on the 2020 Census. It has prompted the open borders attorney general, Xavier Becerra to announce a lawsuit. He is doing this to maintain the added legislative seats and the increased funding he gets because of people here illegally. Becerra is afraid the illegals won’t answer the question. That is a “burden” for his lawless state.

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According to Becerra, it is “illegal” for the federal government to ask, to know if people in this country are here illegally. Think about that.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced his decision to reinstate the citizenship question in a post on the Commerce website. The question was removed from the census in 1950 but Ross argues  that collecting citizenship data has been “a long-standing historical practice.”



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