Biker hosting biggest pro-Trump demo at inauguration… Motorcycle group to hold the line… INAUGURATION CHAOS?

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But Cox had logistics to sort out, an Inauguration Day demonstration with motorcycle die-hards from across the nation to plan.

The 48-year-old chain-saw artist from South Carolina was an early and enthusiastic supporter of President-elect Donald Trump. Now that his guy has won, Cox wants to ensure that the group he founded, Bikers for Trump, strengthens its political muscle during Trump’s presidency and beyond.

The group obtained a permit for what is expected to be the largest pro-Trump rally held by a private group in the nation’s capital timed to the inauguration. Cox calls the planned event at John Marshall Park a “halftime rally” and said there will be speakers, musical performances and upward of 5,000 bikers in attendance.

As he walked through the park with his dog, Trigger — the massive “Bikers for Trump” patch on the back of his jacket visible from every vantage — Cox began planning where to put the stage, the speakers and the portable toilets.
A motorcycle group led by a South Carolina chainsaw artist will ride into the nation’s capital on Inauguration Day in support of the 45th President of the United States.
Bikers for Trump, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, will likely be toeing the line with protesters, who are also expected to be at the event.
“The bikers are certainly used to being outnumbered and we are prepared to form a wall of meat,” Chris Cox, the founder of the organization, told the FOX Business Network.
On the day of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration protesters are planning an anti-capitalist march, road blockades and disruptions to inauguration balls. The protests will likely include property destruction, a source with intimate knowledge of the protest plans told The Daily Caller Friday.
The blockades are not limited to roads but will also be at every security checkpoint, the source said. The source added that the protesters blockading each checkpoint will represent a different liberal cause such as climate change or money in politics.
A group called #DisruptJ20 is the most active in the planned protests for the inauguration.
Organizers for #DisruptJ20 are planning to kick off the inauguration protests on Jan. 18 with a gay dance party outside of Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s Chevy Chase, MD home.
Bocelli backs out ‘after receiving death threats’…
Blind tenor Bocelli announced he would not sing at this Friday’s celebration
Widely reported it was because fan said they would boycott his concerts
Revelation came as another singer, Jennifer Holliday, last night pulled out
Opera star Andrea Bocelli backed out of singing at Donald Trump’s inauguration after receiving death threats, The Mail on Sunday has learnt.
The revelation came as another singer – Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday – last night pulled out of the President-elect’s festivities after being threatened and branded an ‘Uncle Tom’.
When blind tenor Bocelli announced he would not sing at this Friday’s celebration, it was widely reported it was because fans had said they would boycott his concerts and records.
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  1. Piece of advice to the those SJW libs out there, please, please, please get in these guys faces and give them a shove or spit in their face. They are huge teddy bears and trust me, they won’t do anything. This is the chance to prove your manhood, womanhood, trannyhood or whatever you call it now a days.

    • Like working on getting a real job? I tried to bring some young men into a construction environment and help them out, try to teach them something (1) they could not read a measuring tape at 18 years old. (2) I could not keep them occupied enough to keep their faces out of their IPhone. (3) They will show up and say the need a day off. In the middle of a job. (4) I give them a fairly easy task and it is too hard and not completed in a fair amount of time. (5) FUCK THEM PUSSYS. I have tried. Gangster entitled life, I guess

  2. Trumpsters haven’t gotten involved yet. They are on the right side of history.
    These libby’s don’t know what they are dealing with. Subversives with be dealt with harshly.
    Nothing of significance will happen. “All hat and no cattle”.

  3. Please follow my advice…..Hide and watch….when sh&t gets real, don’t hold back. Don’t start it and don’t take no sh&t.

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