150 FBI Agents In 5 Different Offices, Plus NYPD Investigating CLINTON FOUNDATION For Money Laundering And Financial Transactions With ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATIONS.

by Pamela Williams
This is an update on the latest news on the Clinton Foundation investigation by the FBI and the NYPD. Everyone has been wondering what the current status is in the Clinton Foundation probe. It is definitely in progress as we speak, and through the investigation into Anthony Weiner new information is being revealed. The FBI and the NYPD have discovered that Hillary Clinton had asked that “classified” materials be changed to “unclassified” and sent over an unsecure server. What this means to me is that she had “intent ” to commit a crime; thus, what FBI Director James Comey could not prove in his initial investigation of Clinton’s email scandal, he now can prove “intent.”
The investigation is so big now the information is being leaked with no ill intent by the FBI and the NYPD. The Department of Justice/Loretta Lynch is still acting in a noncompliant way in the investigation; however, it sounds like Lynch cannot hold back the avalanche of incriminating information being uncovered at this time.
It is just too vast, extending from the East Coast to the West, even having tentacles all over the globe.
New information has also been discovered. The FBI has a wire tap of money launderers bragging that they could employ Clinton Foundation connections to funnel and cleanse millions in illicit cash.

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Federal law enforcement sources said the Los Angeles-based money launderers, who are part of a separate federal investigation, discussed previously using Clinton Foundation personnel to domesticate foreign funds that could not be legally brought into the United States through traditional bank wires and deposits.
NYPD sources said Weiner’s email treasure trove contained correspondences regarding a company linked to President Bill Clinton and at least one offshore company, a South American affiliate of the Clinton Foundation. The emails also contained offshore financial correspondences, the source said.
Federal agents said one U.S.-based company is owned by Bill Clinton and according to linked banking intelligence discovered in emails, that entity disbursed millions of dollars via wire transfers through global banks to additional accounts controlled by the Clinton family and its charity. NYPD intelligence sources versed in anti-money laundering, said the emails and other items obtained from Weiner’s laptop paint a portrait of a complex corporate umbrella strategically formulated to seemingly operate and avoid law-enforcement detection.
“There’s sophistication in how this works and distributes cash to other accounts,” a federal intelligence source said. “Do we think this involves gun-running or drug-dealing criminals? Not intentionally, but the infrastructure is set up almost identically. Proceeds and income are being hidden the same way.”
Has the Clinton Foundation and/or affiliates underwritten or profited from terror groups? It is distinctly possible it has conducted business with terror-backed financial concerns, federal agents said based on a cache of suspicious financial activity reports filed by institutions with the U.S. Treasury which flagged transactions with known terror-linked cartels, including Islamic factions.
While the sophistication of the financial structuring and money movement may seem familiar to law enforcement, this case is anything but a normal investigation, notwithstanding its targets include a former U.S. president and secretary of state. Normal joint operating protocols between the FBI and Justice Department have been abandoned. FBI agents in the Los Angeles field office, where the money laundering probe launched have been continuously hassled by Justice Department naysayers who want the investigation spiked. Likewise, Justice Department officials have instructed FBI agents in New York City to stand down and abandon the inquiry. However, the Bureau has refused to buckle, especially after receiving corroborating evidence from the NYPD, FBI officials said.

Further news is the Clinton Global Initiative is being discontinued. Of course, this is an attempt to cover pay-to-play operations during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. If she took funds from those she worked with as Secretary of State, performing requests for them as Secretary of State that is a Federal crime that could land her in jail.
WikiLeaks dropped a 2011 email, which is very incriminating to Hillary Clinton in dealings she had when she was secretary of State. Doug Band was the Clinton’s partner in crime and Bill Clinton’s right hand man. Band describes how the Clinton Foundation served as a conduit for what he called “Bill Clinton Inc.” — the former president’s for-profit arm. Other documents show State Department involvement.
In conclusion, it is a very hopeful time now that we know the FBI and the NYPD are moving along in their investigation into the Clinton Foundation.  There is new evidence that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton committed Federal crimes, as we know the pay to play activities occurred while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  I cannot see how at this point in time, this investigation will not be fruitful in its findings against the Clintons.
The DOJ is under investigation at this time as it should be.  I am praying Loretta Lynch will be found guilty of blocking that FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton during the email scandal.  I do not think FBI Director James Comey could do his job, and that is the reason he was forced to find Clinton not guilty.  In fact, she is very guilty, and she had the intent of not securing her emails when she knew they were classified materials being sent over an unsecure server.  That screams guilty to me!


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    • This is new information FBI & NYPD: Clinton Foundation Probed for Money Laundering, Financial Transactions with Islamic Terror Groups
      Posted on January 15, 2017 by Investigative Bureau

    • This is from the video: Published on Jan 11, 2017
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  6. The only real question about Hillary was and is. Is it or is it not illegal to conduct official State Department business on a private email server? Yes or no? I am afraid it is that simple. Please don’t tell me that State somehow didn’t know or the FBI didn’t know or the NSA didn’t know, or the CIA didn’t know, Homeland Insecurity didn’t know , or Cyber Command didn’t know ….get my drift?

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