Black Lives Matter & UKIP – On the Same Side?

by Mark Angelides

Although the mainstream media would suggest that Black Lives Matter and UKIP are polar opposites, at the core, they are both very much motivated by the same factors. And the fact that the establishment seeks to keep these very real grievances on different battle lines tells us even more about their shared beliefs. It is, as always, divide and rule.
It’s well-known that both sides possess a fair share of idiots among their ranks (as does every political organization and pressure group), but their core beliefs have a relevant and important role to play. What our “leaders” don’t want us to realize is that these are both “class movements.” They are a reaction to a power that is purposely kept from their hands, because if they combined their inherent power, the elites would tremble.
When I talk about UKIP (a British party formerly headed by the unstoppable Nigel Farage), I mean to include all groups that want things like controlled immigration, national sovereignty, have pride in their country, and a belief in values. America has many, as does the UK, and as does Europe, but they are all marginalized. And this is why our governments try to paint them as racist groups…because if folks in Black Lives Matter (who are being elevated by governments not because they support them, but because it keeps us separate) joined up, their main weapon would be useless…They could no longer say “X” is a Racist group, or “Y” is a Sexist group, or “W” is a transphobe group.
All of these groups that are now divided are, in essence, working class movements. Sure, they all have members from privileged positions, but the core is pure working class roots. They can see that their votes don’t really count (because they are divided), and see a pernicious ruling class that does not represent their interests.
The huge amount of people who are assigned “opposites” and “enemies” are being tricked into hating the other group for no other reason than it is a distraction from the wielding of power that “must be kept from them.”
I have written many an article for many sites and magazines pouring scorn on groups that I didn’t agree with. And I have been playing the game that was set out for me. But we need to stop, and try and get those we disagree with on our side, or we on theirs! Because only together will we defeat the very real threat from those that wield the power.

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  1. So are you implying that Soros funds Nigel Farage too? I doubt it! However I would have never believed 40 years ago that Rockefeller funded the John Birch Society’s creation, which it appears he did to keep track of the RePug Right!


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