Brexit Betrayed!

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by Mark Angelides

The worst has happened. It was not unexpected, but it is still a shock to the 17.4 million British folk who voted to leave the European Union. They have been stabbed in the back and betrayed by the Prime Minister, Theresa May. At her speech in Florence she gave away British Court supremacy, billions of pounds, any hope of leaving, and worst of all, Britain’s hope to be a sovereign nation once again.
She began with some very upbeat and positive positioning:
“I look ahead with optimism, believing that if we use this moment to change not just our relationship with Europe, but also the way we do things at home, this will be a defining moment in the history of our nation.”
But then the first cracks appeared when she mentioned the EU’s plans for the future:
“And it is an exciting time for many in Europe too. The European Union is beginning a new chapter in the story of its development. Just last week, President Juncker set out his ambitions for the future of the European Union.”
President Juncker did, indeed, lay out plans for the future of Europe last week, and they are the most hideous plans imaginable for a sovereign nation. They include a complete EU Navy and Army under the direct control of the unelected EU Commission, and that all EU member states must adopt the Euro as its currency. When Mrs. May said that this was “exciting,” millions of Leave Voters began to sweat.
She continued: “The weakening growth of global trade; the loss of popular support for the forces of liberalism and free trade that is driving moves towards protectionism.” Global trade is not weakening, only within protectionist outfits LIKE THE EU! And to talk about the lack of support for “Liberalism,” that is because it is a failed ideology. She says that a lack of liberalism leads to protectionism, but the EU and the plans for a “one world governance” modeled on the EU is also protectionist.
And then came the bombshells:

  1. The UK will stay in the EU for at least another two years ON TOP of the two years allowed by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. This will lead well up to the latest possible time she can hold an election, at which point, all legacy parties will seek to stay in under the “transitional deal” she is pushing.
  2. Free movement of people will continue until at least 2021, meaning at least a million plus in new migrants.  And then of course, another election!
  3. The UK will continue to pay billions of pounds a year to the EU.
  4. The EU courts will still hold sway over the British courts.
  5. The UK will remain tied through various treaties.

It is no coincidence that the transitional arrangement on the free movement of people is set to last until 2021, and may in fact be the whole reason for the “transitional arrangements.” The millions of migrants into Europe from Africa and the Middle East will automatically acquire EU passports before the end of the transition, and will, by law, be allowed to move to the UK and receive the same rights and benefits as any other EU (or even British) citizen.
So essentially, Britain is staying in the EU to fix Angela Merkel’s mistake!
As a Brit, I am distraught over the Prime Ministers speech. Remember, this was just an opening gambit in a negotiation, the EU will exact a far higher cost than just this. The most effective person for dealing with the EU is, and always has been, Mr. Nigel Farage. After leaving front line politics, he said that the only way he would return is if Brexit is betrayed. It is. And we need him back.

15 thoughts on “Brexit Betrayed!

    • It’s epidemic in all governments. You can bet these high profile people have been promised prominate positions in the NWO. Guaranteed fat, happy and lazy for the rest of their lives. Screw everyone else.

  1. OK… it’s time for the Brexiters to file a complaint ASAP through the High Court and Privy Council.
    Nigel Farage and possibly George Galloway need to put their heads together to stop this subversion of the voters by May’s government!
    May, after all is synonymous with May Day- a Communist (which the EU is essentially) Holiday or radio call signaling ‘trouble’ or ‘distress’.
    How coincidental that Theresa’s last name is May, and the Bible mentions Christ referring to the ‘Distress of Nations’.
    There you have it!
    I wonder what Chancellor Merkel’s DNA would reveal,..???
    And today is the 7,000 year alignment with Mars, as per Astro-Theology. The woman is once again clothed in the Sun, with the Moon at her feet…plus it’s Roshashanna!

  2. When Hitler called it “Greater Germany”, everyone was opposed to it.
    Then Merkel, Juncker and friends came along, renamed the concept to “European Union”, and everyone is forced to be in favor (or else you’re a racist fascist xenophobic simpleton).
    Looks like it’s all about the naming – probably next thing they’ll rename war to peace. Oh wait, they already did, “peacekeeping troops”… So maybe they’ll rename taxes to free money.

  3. In the EU people’s vote results means nothing to Brussels. This isn’t the first time Brussels does as it wants nor will it be the last. Brussels takes great pleasure in crushing dreams.

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