Blizzard Warning NYC… 8,000+ Flight Cancellations… Artic Cold Endangers Dc Cherry Blossom Bloom For First Time

As winds increase from a strengthening nor’easter, blizzard conditions will bring dangerous travel over the interior Northeast, while a wintry mix, rain and flooding continue to advance northward along the coast through Tuesday.
The storm has forced a State of Emergency to declared in multiple states.
Blizzard conditions with heavy snow, very low visibility and drifting snow will clog streets and highways from parts of central and eastern Pennsylvania and northwestern New jersey to much of Maine and New Brunswick.

Blizzard feature 3.14 AM

For thousands of miles of roads in the region, this will be an unusually cold storm for the middle of March. Much of the snow that falls will rapidly accumulate on the roads across the interior of the mid-Atlantic and New England. Some people could become stranded on area highways.
The storm has already forced airlines to cancel thousands of flights. Be sure to call ahead before leaving for the airport.

Nor'easter 3.14 AM
Current Radar

Tuesday: Blizzard flight woes peak; 8,000 cancellations since Sunday

Airlines moved quickly to pare their Tuesday schedules ahead of the storm, which had been forecast to bring crippling conditions to much of the Northeast. Airlines preemptively axed 5,300 flights for the day, all before midnight Monday, according to flight-tracking service FlightAware. More than 100 additional Tuesday flights been canceled as of 6 a.m. ET, a figure that was likely to keep growing even though snow totals were falling short of initial estimates in Philadelphia and Washington.

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  1. The warmistas are getting their noses rubbed in their own idiocy and they still don’t get it. What will it take? Maybe if an ice sheet was growing in thickness across most of Canada and hordes of high-latitude populations were fleeing south would get their attention.


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