BLM Cofounder RESIGNS Amid House Buying Scandal

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1:40 BLM Cofounder RESIGNS Amid Home Buying Scandal
8:19 Woke Teacher Shames Fellow Teachers for Not Being “Anti-Racist” Enough
21:46 Do Your Media Tastes Change with Your Values?
26:03 Police Officer FIRED For Teasing Lebron James??
31:19 GAME: Can You Figure Out What These Pictures Mean?
43:22 Wisdom for Your Weekend from PragerU Cofounder Allen Estrin

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On today’s live, Will & Amala react to a BLM cofounder’s resignation after a house buying spree, a woke 8th grade teacher shames fellow educators for not being “anti-racist” enough, a cop is FIRED for criticizing Lebron James, and a question from a Locals subscriber.

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