BLM is apparently banned from fundraising on Facebook

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The FBI says Sir Maejor Page, also known as Tyree Conyers-Page, created the Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta Facebook page representing the group and solicited donations through GoFundMe. Investigators said Page later used those funds to make personal purchases that included a home, high-end clothes and accessories, furniture and more.

The FBI later determined that Page had used more than $200,000 to make personal purchases. A federal complaint outlines several purchases, including a security system that costs $1,310, tailored suits and accessories totaling $2,065, furniture purchases totaling more than $12,000, Walmart purchases totaling more than $4,000 and Home Depot charges of $2,125.67.

The latest purchase was a home in Toldeo, Ohio and an adjacent lot that totaled about $112,000.

It’s admirable, but you have to be pretty careful when donating to charity, especially at the spur of the moment to new stuff and ESPECIALLY on Facebook (little oversight). Even some large, famous charities just aren’t really worth donating to (staff salaries, “fundraising”, what they do with the rest of money). Glad this guy got caught.


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